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Available chlorine : 60 grams per litre to 140 grams per litre
Free Alkali : 10% to 15% of available chlorine (approx)
Specific Gravity : Variable between 105 to 124
Colour : Pale Yellowish
Apparance: Clear
Chemical Formula : Naocl
Bleaching agent in Paper & Textile industry.
Household Bleaching/cleaning applications.
Waste Water treatment
Oxidizing Agent
Disinfecting Agent / Deodorant
Sweating Agent in Oil Refineries
Food Processing
Makes Algi free in Swimming pool
Stability : Slowly decomposes on contact with air. Rate of decomosition increases with the concentration and temperature. Exposure to sunlight accelerites decomposition. Sodium Hypochlorite
Storage: It is advisable to store below 30o atmospheric temparature
Continuous to Avoid : Light, heat and incompatibles
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