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Appearance : Greenish Black Crystaline Powder
Ferric Chloride as FECL3 : 98 % (-+ 1%)
FECL2 : 0.02 %
Insoluble Matter : 0.05 %
Free chlorine as CL : Pass Test
Sulphate as SO4 : 0.13
Alkalies, Alkline and Arths : 0.12 %
Copper as CU : 0.005 %
Arsenic as AS203 : NIL
Chemical Formula : Fecl3
The use of Alum, Ferric chloride and Ferrous sulphate as coagulants in removing suspended solids, colour and COD from semi-aerobic landfill leachate at controlled pH
Pulp & Paper Application
Removal of Arsenic Fluoride from Drinking Water With Cake Alum and a Polymeric Anionic Flocculent
Use of Ferric Ammonium Sulfate in Serum Cholesterol Determination
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