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Chlorine Purity : 99.50 % TO 99.90%
Moisture : Less than 20 ppm
Chemical Formula : Cl2
Chlorine has a lot of applications. It is used for hygienic purposes and is indispensable in water treatment, it is also being used for disinfecting industrial residues and pool cleaning. Due to its decolorizing properties it is used in the whitening of vegetal fibers like cotton, linen etc. and paper pulp.

It is also used in industrial production of organic compound, like carbon tetrachloride, chlorobenzene, synthetic glycerin, etc.

The chemical industry creates thousands of chlorine products using a small number of chlorine containing chemicals. Many products which contain chlorine are glue, paints, solvents, foam rubbers, car bumpers, food additives, pesticides and antifreeze. One of the most commonly used chlorine-containing substances is PVC (poly vinyl chloride). PVC is widely used, for example in drain pipes, insulation wires, floors, windows, bottles and waterproof clothes.
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